Explore France in India : Pondicherry

Here we are back with a new experiences from Pondicherry

We are talking about Pondicherry. One most interesting thing about this places in India to visit. Its a perfect combination if The Experience and Tourism – There is a chill relaxed vibe whereas there a many places you wish to see as a tourist.  As soon as you step into Pondicherry you wonder if you are in Indian or france. So here is some history about Pondicherry that why this city has French twist.



History :
The story is about 2nd century when British were biting into India, then the French realised that they could even get part of us, so for making their way into India they managed to enter India through Pondicherry, the two kept fighting( British and French) and finally British gave this union territory to the French. Thus the architecture of Pondicherry is French.
Our stay in Pondicherry was short. But it was amazing experience.
An interesting thing was We stayed in Domus , beautiful colourful building having a cafe and apartment where we feel like home. Pondicherry is all about beaches, French architecture.

Pondicherry you get to experience French Cuisines and get to see French Architecture , Clean and not so crowdy beaches. Its an out of India experience within India.

Also this time instead of a Hotel we booked Airbnb because we needed extra space for baby and it was costing same as a hotel.


Beaches :
Promenade Beach/Rock Beach
Serenity Beach
Paradise island
Auroville Beach

Beaches in Pondicherry are all nearby , From Promenade to Auroville beach its a  20-30 min. distance via Scooty (Depending upon market traffic). If you are in Pondicherry then you can miss out any of these Beaches as all of these are unique in their own way.

The best area to stay in is “White Town” which is the main area that is all French and is closest to Promenade beach so you can easily be there during sun rise and sun set it has palm trees on side of road adding to the beauty of its.
Along promenade beach is famous Mahatma Gandhi Statue.

Serenity Beach is  a long beach with rock pathway that goes quite further into the sea. Sun set at serenity beach is most beautiful so make sure you are there just in time. also there are shacks on the beach side to chill and fill.

Paradise island is a adventure kind of place you take a ferry to there, there they have all the water sports and everything depending upon the weather. we didn’t go there as our kid was just 4 months old then, But its not a experience to miss out if you are into water sports. It will take your full day at paradise island.

Auroville beach is just a raw and simple beach quite off the road. its not at all crowded but very massive and raw. the waves and vibe is just so amazing.

Auroville : 

Auroville is a interesting little village near to Pondicherry (30 mins away) and is a must visit while you are in Pondicherry. Local produce of Auroville is main thing to enjoy, Almost all cafes use local produce of Auroville so everything you eat is just so fresh and interesting We might put up a food blog as well so wait to find out what to eat where.

Being in Auroville you must go to Matri Mandir & Svaram Musical Instruments & research centre, It has wide range of one of a wind instruments.

The ashram can be visited from 8 in the morning to 12 noon and 2 to 6 in the evening. It’s a ashram where people come to seek spiritual harmony and peace. The ashram is also responsible for founding the concept of peaceful coexistence in a town ship Auroville. Auroville township in Pondicherry is the direct product of the ideals and aims in the ashram.

Hope you all enjoyed our experience of Pondicherry..!!

Jodhpur – The Blue City – Food

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Without the help & Guidance of this person we wouldn’t have been able to go around and eating Fantastic food in Jodhpur !
Thanks Buddy !

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Like we all know Rajasthan is famous for its Heritage, Tradition, Customs, culture and Royalty.

On the other hand is also known for its Food.
So here we will talk about jodhpur food, which not only famous in Rajasthan but in and outside the india.
Jodhpur apart from Rajasthani food, has plenty of food varieties including all cuisines from Indian to Chinese to continental to mughlai.
Jodhpur food represents the royalty of city.

Every outsider coming must eat these food items which are delicious and flavourful as well.

Lets take a dig without further a do.

There are so many varitoes in namkeens, sweets and many other food items.
Jodhpur food contains lal mirchi powder and garam masala which doubled the taste and originality of spices.
Now come let’s discuss about the food of jodhpuri rasoi-
Some famous namkeens of Jodhpur, these are very tasty, spicy and full of flavours to make one crazy about the taste, like-

Breakfast Scenes


The famous Janta Sweet House- 

Janta sweet house is famous for its various kind of sweets and namkeen. They prepares the best quality. They have so many products like 
Dry fruits,fast food, icecream and shakes, Indian cuisines, khakhre, namkeens, papad, pickels, snacks, south Indian, sweets and much more.

We had Chola bhatura & Makkhaniya Lassi there :


IMG_5702 (1).jpg

Mishrilal :

Just inside the sourthern gate of Sadar market, this place is nothing fancy, but whips up the most superb creamy makhaniya lassis. If you are travelling to jodhpur trip is incomplete without a visit to this shop. From Lassi to Sohan halwa, this place has it all.Lassi with malai on top oh my my amazing , truly one of the best I have ever had.Guyss don't miss this place to eat.

We had Sweet Mawa kachori & Lassi from there 

IMG_5704 (1).jpg

Also we had Following things for these all above places

Mirchi vada-
the city is very much fond of mirchivada. You can find it at every corner of the city, but places are famous for its extra spicy taste, janta sweet house serves it in better way. Once you will taste it, you would like to have it again. These are green chillies dipped in besan and deep fried, served with chutney.

There are two types of kachori, namkeen and sweet mava kachori. They are so delicious. They can be namkeen with spicy potato stuffing in it, it can be sweet with dry fruits stuffing in it, dipped in sugar syrup. Both are scrumptious and unforgettable. It’s all depend on your choice which one would you like to prefer. Only a thought can make you mouthwatering.

Samosa – 
We had Samosa from Shahi Samosa , It was a Huge version of samosa that we eat in both India !! haha…


Jhankar choti haveli :

It's a beautiful restaurant enlivened by rich Indian culture and heritage.the food here is ravishing and delightful . The best part of it isvits interiors , styled and decor totally give you the feel of royalty. Whether it's about light snacks or a perfect meal restaurant serves at it Best. It was 5 minutes of walking from our hotel so we preferred there to have our one time meal.



Poha is simple but very delightful in taste here. They add onion, tamotoes, pomegranate seeds and aaloo bhujiya to it, which added extra flavour to this simple dish. We all make it at home in breakfast usually with Rye and tomatoes only, but this city has its own way to make a simple dish a innovative one. Sweet and salty in taste..!! Yummm.

Also We had Tea & Butter toast with it!

~ Bal samand Lake palace :

IMG_6041 (1).jpg

A meal in bal samand lake palace in jodhpur comes with spectacular royal feeling.
The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. A bar/lounge open for drinks.
Two days stay in this palace was the best decision we made.
Enjoying the meal at such royal place, and being pampered by the staff was great honour for us.


Breakfast menu-(healthy + full of taste)
Fresh fruits- bananas, pineapple, papaya, apple.
Toaster bread butter with tea
Idli sambhar
Aaloo paratha
Paneer paratha
Aaloo pakoda

Fresh fruit juice
And much more.


First day we ordered a plate of fresh fruits, toaster bread butter and tea and idli sambhar.
As breakfast was included to our package. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So we’re happy and fully satisfied with the quality and the quantity of food.Crispy toaster bread with butter…ummmm..!!! Just wow..
Idli sambhar- soft and smooth idli, with hot and spicy flavourful sambhar was enough to make you happy. Even this dish is one of my favourite ones.
The staff was so kind and helpful. It feels good when chef of the restaurant personally comes to you and asked you about the food and any if any complaints regarding the taste, quality of food.
After breakfast we went back into our room, waiting for the next meal and we’re excited to know now what’s new is next..!!

Lunch Scenes


It's a popular and best option which serves all kind of food, from continental to Indian, South Indian, jodhpuri thali and much more. We leave from our hotel and it took half an hour to reach there. Crowdy but good option.

We already have heard much about daal bati choorma, so we go with the Daal Bati Choorma. Awesome presentation, with their traditional thali, bati, fried daal, garlic chutney, papad, mixed pickle, choorma ( besan laddu) , bati dipped in deshi ghee. Delicious in taste.


Cafe Mehran: 

The other fantastic meal we had was the pavbhaji at mehrangarh fort.cafe mehran is very well maintained in the heart of Mehrangarh fort. You must take a pit stop at cafe to reenergise yourself since it's a long step climb upto the mehrangarh. We simply loved the place for its beautiful blue interior and ambience. The place is decorated with the paintings of the Royal’s and the previous kings of Jodhpur. Other then decor, confident, turbaned, uniformed, well cultured staff to greet you. You will actually feel you are dining at a palace.

we ordered a plate of Pav bhaji and a chilled mango shake. Mango shake was enough refreshing and cool to make you feel fresh and relaxing.
Pav bhaji served with butter and onion was so tasty. Crispy Pav and hot and spicy bhaji perfect for our hunger. We simply love the place and the food as well.
So guyss while planning a trip to jodhpur must remember these things to double your fun food at such amazing places.


Bal samand Lake palace: 

There was so much in menu can’t mention each and every thing but yes can share you about whatever we ate there at lunch.
We both are much fond of palak panner, ordered just one palak panner, one garlic naan and one tandoori roti, pineapple raita, papad, achar and chutney is complementary with every meal in Rajasthan, this was enough for both of us.
Palak panner smelling so good, only a bite and we just loved the taste, soft paneer and buttery gravy was just too good.
Garlic naan and tandoori roti, easy to chew.
No doubt whole meal was delectable and mouthwatering.



Brownie with ice cream
Perfect shape, evenly moist, soft, equally sweet served


Dinner Scenes

Hanwant mahal-

There are certain places one must visit in jodhpur.
We experienced food from cafes to restaurants and now we went to our next food destination mahant mahal,beautiful property. Hanwant mahal is in the vicinity of Umaid bhawan palace and is known as hunting palace of the king.

This simply means after his hunt,king would head down to this palace with his friends to relax, have a meal / drinks.
The Mahal is setup over three floors with the fountain at its entrance.
The first floor has the indoor seatings of the restaurant as individual sections( depending upon the number of people you are with), general setting with live music playing on the other side of the restaurant.
Second floor, is the outdoor seating area which is divided into two sections. As soon as we entered the second floor, we spotted the spectacular view of Umaid bhawan palace from every corner of the floor. There we sat down on the couches with a breathtaking view of Umaid Bhavan palace in a perfect weather, making our food experience more memorable.

Settle down comfortably and then ordered a paneer paneer Hari mirch.
Paneer hari Mirch- Traditionally first they served us a dry papad with chutney.you will love the food as well.
Third and the last floor is the whole roof top setup to enjoy your meal under the moonlight. The view of Umaid Bhavan palace is more beautiful here.
The place is beautifully setup giving you a feel of being amidst the royal family and you will

Pampered like you belong to the royal family.
We had at this amazing palace, with amazing service, delectable food and the experience that we will remember as long as we live.

Bal samand Lake palace:

Dinner was Quite a spread here :
We had Malai kofta with Plain Roti & Boondi Yogurt , Aaloo Kulcha which ofcouse came with Curd again


Coming onto next is desserts
As usual so many in menu, but remembers some are
Mango kheer
Brownie with icecream
Apple tart
Gulab jamun and etc .

We had the best Apple Pie in the whole world!!! 

IMG_6115 (1).jpg

Laughing B Cafe :


The place where you can spend a wonderful time. Dim light, soft music, less crowd making the place peaceful. Beautiful garden outside the restaurant with lilttle setup. The best part of the place was its food, presentation, quantity and quality as well. These are the main aspect of a restaurant to be the perfect one.the restro with good hospitality and the the cute laughing staff.
We loved the food and drinks. Everything was perfect. Better palace for good hunger.
If you are a south Asian cuisine lover you must visit this place.


Hope you full now 🙂

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