Your GO-TO Wardrobe

Your Go-To Wardrobe

Hi Guys!!

It is always important to have a Go-To wardrobe for everyone as not everyday is a good day, Thus there should always be a few items in your wardrobe which you can you pick blindly without thinking if they are comfortable or will look good on you because you are 100% sure that they will.

So here am listing out essentials for a Man for his Go-To wardrobe 

  1. White Sneakers 
  2. Basic White/Black T-shirts
  3. Narrow fit Basic Blue/Black jeans (Preferably knee ripped) 
  4. A Blue light weight Denim Jacket ( Bit Over size will be better)

That is it !! Everyone must have all above items in his wardrobe for a rainy day, When he really doesn’t want to put in effort to get ready to go out he can always pick these clothes and these will never let him down ever.

~ White Sneakers practically go with anything & everything also they look pretty cool and fad too.

~ No one can ever go wrong with Basic T-shirts ever, thus you must always have more than 1 Black/White T-shirts in your wardrobe ( I probably have a bunch of them which I keep updating every now & then)

~ Have a comfortably fitting jeans is a blessing as not always you are in mood to wear something real tight or too loose, Thus always have comfortable demins of Basic Blue colour & Black as well also try to have more than one of Blacks as they tend to fade real soon so in case you find perfectly fitting black denim always buy 2 of them, It may look absurd in the moment but trust me you will thank me later.

Also if denim is knee ripped as per your length – Nothing could be better than that.

~ A Denim jacket is must i believe especially if you are average build person like me, I always try to carry mine with me it make me feel more comfortable, secure & Confident.


Here are few pics for the inspiration :

That is all guys. Hope it helps you.  Here a posting few photos as inspiration for basic looks, Also follow us on Instagram to stay connected on daily basis. 

Summer Vibe – ft. The closet by Sonal

A outfit that suits me well and  which is really comfortable and beautiful. White off shoulder top with long navy blue skirt flaunting my look in more beautiful way.

I personally loved the bright colour of skirt that could be carried even in daylight. White off shoulder top with lilttle detailing is attractive and elegant. The way we carry the outfit more it looks good. I carried heavy earrings for revealing the attire.
The good thing about this outfit is both the top and skirt can be wore in mix and match way.


And skirt could also be wore with crop tops, tank tops, frill ones and etc. if we talk about the quality then the material is so smooth and soft that it is worth wearing in summers easily. Skirt has good flair to wear even in traditional way, with heavy jewellery as well. It is high waist as it has broad belt section which looks classy, and in trend these days.
The closet is full of Indian and western wear, with lots of accessories. I bought a pair of earrings, that are extremely beautiful. The best thing is these could be wear in western and Ethnic wear smartly. Instead of going separately for clothing and accessories, try “the closet” everything under one roof.
Skirt looks so decent in the picture as you can see in it. Closet has very stylish and sober collection. It also has trendy accessories icluding bracelets, earrings, neckpieces etc.Off shoulder top could be wear with black  jeans and high heels. .
Skirt looks so decent in the picture as you can see in it. Closet has very stylish and sober collection. It also has trendy accessories icluding bracelets, earrings, neckpieces etc.

This outfit I am wearing is from "The Closet" store. The store is full of stylish Indian and western clothes with perfect accessories. store also contains some good handicrafts work which is made by the owner herself.


Being pregnant is the most beautiful phase of life to every women. It comes
Up with excitements and nervousness as well. Pregnancy brings the facts of getting worry about the body and to style your body perfectly, because obviously you don’t want to look bigger when you are pregnant. So bearing the bump in 21st century signifies so much more than just pride in pregnancy. There are countless ways to keep in touch with your inner fashionista during your pregnancy term. Here are some inspirational looks on how you can balance the two perfectly and flaunt your baby bump as well.

1.Skinny high waist pencil skirt –

The high waisted skinny skirts look gorgeous on all body types. But when it comes to pregnancy, it’s a perfect for accentuating and complementing the baby bump. I personally loved it so much because of its high comfort zone. I wore it with my white turtle neck top tucking inside it and it really works giving a gorgeous look to my baby bump.

This military coloured pencil skirt is amazing and stylish to flaunt the pregnancy term. You should incorporate this trend into your pregnancy wardrobe. It’s quiet easy and stretchable to be carry for long period of time without any problem to your belly. Skinny skirts always looks classy.

2. Ankle length loose tunic –

Loose ankle length is again a new version to your pregnancy fashion. This dark military colour tunic is made of hosiery. It’s plain and yet so beautiful. It’s has something different which gives me a perfect night out look. Falling shoulders and little frill in the bottom is amazing. So these days these loose tunics are so much trendy in pregnancy. It’s a new and stylish way to flaunt your belly.


3. Sequence dress –

This is one of my favourite from my pregnancy wardrobe. It’s so damn beautiful. Colour is so soothing and perfect for day party. I really loved its v neck design. The most important thing I really like about this sequence dress is that it’s beautifully flaunting my baby bump and rocks my pregnancy look in baby shower. It’s quite comfortable and easy to stretch walk and enjoy the party.


4.Black maxi dress with jacket –

This black maxi dress is plain but elegant. Fabric is quite easy and soft to wear it in even these hot sunny days. To flaunt this little more I carry the emerald green jacket on it. And believe it really add glamorous pinch to my style. I considered it as a perfect styling way to flaunt your pregnancy bump without any hesitation of looking ugly or fatty with this body shape. It’s not only help you out to being stylish but also makes you confident in aspect to look smart and fashionable.

5. Flair suit –

Flair suit is the best to carry during pregnancy. It’s very comfortable and beautiful to flaunt the pregnancy look. I wore this on casual family dinner. It’s flair gives you so much ease to sit or to walk around. As we all know wearing tight fittings clothes in pregnancy are little uneasy especially when you are on the high time of pregnancy. Other than normal suits, this one is the moe preferred one. So if you are looking for something loose and yet beautiful then must go for these Flairy full length suits. Mine one is also having the waist coat, suit can be wear in two ways with or without waistcoat no matter it will still look stunning in both patterns. Colour is so soothing and eyecatchy , I love to wear it in summers.

So girls now don’t worry about the maternity period and fashion during this time. Even in pregnancy you can make your look better than normal days. Hope this blog helps and inspire you to look perfect even in any body shape while being pregnant.


This Wedding Season –

Well..!! Wedding season is on, and we all are looking for something simple and yet classy which can be easily carried in these hot sunny days. When it’s about the summer weddings, soothing colour outfits Highlighted by jewellery is the Goal!! Here is My all time Summer Wedding Look idea.

Meenakari is one of the most incredible craft work done on metals like gold and silver to make it a beautiful jewellery piece.This is something now not only visible but also in trend.
Meenakari work can be used with metals, red, blue and green pearls, Kundan etc. They all are the perfect ones to match with meenakari.

Online jewellery shopping is ruling the world nowadays, thats too at very reasonable rates.
Whenever it comes to ethnic wear in clothing or jewellery we all want something extraordinary beautiful. I would really love to share some things about the jewellery I am wearing in the picture I bought from Jivaana fashions of label Amaara. Three pieces of jewellery that totally flaunt my look in a different way.


Green stone and Kundan jewellery set


Let’s come to the heart of this blog, why should you buy ethnic Kundan jewellery set at Jivaana fashions,? They designed it very beautifully keeping in mind the need and demands of the crowd, that too affordable with magnificent necklaces earrings, bangles that exhibit Kundan and meenakari on the back side of jewellery pieces. I personally loved the green colour of pearls with Kundan and designer earrings for wedding look & the work on the neckpiece that is ruling the market. Stylish or simple, western or traditional,

you can be assured of swaying all moods with the magic of ethnic kundans. If you have been dreaming of jewellery that makes you feel new and young, it’s time to give wings to your dreams with Jivaana fashions. You can get all the artificial Kundan jewellery set from Label Amara in reasonable prices, and I am sure you are going to rock the look at any occasion.

I also added Green stone and pearl bracelet Again pearls are great way to add a bit of sophistication and elegance to any outfit. Whether it’s casual or traditional outfit pearl works..!! Wrapping my wrist with this stunning green stone and pearl bracelet is the best choice. I loved it,

Only a single bracelet can charm your look with the neckpiece and the outfit. It really looks rich and elegant. I bet you will surely love, not only because of its design but also the quality of the stone and pearls used in it. Meenakari inside and stones outside is the perfect way to flaunt your wrist in different way.

Gold stud earrings (with pearls)


Pearls have always been in demands in jwellery. No matter for what occasions are you preferring pearls but they are the best to carry with any outfit. I loved these  Gold stud earrings  design and pattern of red meenakari design embedded inside it. Pearls over the tassel making it more real and authentic. These are so easy to carry and heavy by look. If you are also looking for something elegant in terms of jewellery must try Jivaana fashions. Designs are neat and fine.


Go checkout to complete your Wedding Look!!



MEN:  Afro jack leather shoe type sandal

Sandal Shopping  is a must if you want to leave your House especially in these hot sunny days. I love these pair, bought from myntra . Look wise they are very decent. They are very comfortable to carry for long period of time without any sweating. This pattern is best for men because of with rising temperatures everyone wants a little ventilation on their feet.

Fentacia men closed sandals

footwear plays an important role to boost the overall look of men and women. These closed elegant sandals are so comfortable and classy by look. The reason for choosing these sandals is they suits to every outfit almost, because to match footwear to outfits is a daunting task. These are well suited for both winters and summers. So all I want to say is just give a try to these sandals you will love them.

Women :

Sandals are the major part of women’s whole attire. Whether it’s about picking up the flats, heels, wedges, platforms, or sandals. They are on high with the matching sandals. Even I am very much obsessed with my footwear’s. They should be the matching ones with my attire and look am carrying. So let’s have a look on some of my sandals from Myntra.

White and pink floral sandals

florals are so much trendy these days in everything like clothing, accessories, footwear’s etc. women’s are crazy about their whole attire from top to toe. This white and pink floral print sandals is one of my favourites from all. Reasons am in love with these ones are, firstly they are extremely beautiful with floral print on them. Secondly heels are so easy to walk even for long time. So girls without any second thought just grab them from Myntra.

Pink open toe flats

Pink has been always considered to be colour for girls. Mostly girls like pink in everything. So here it comes again with this soothing pink colour. Not every time you want to wear heels, but also don’t want to spoil your look then these open toe flats are the best option to carry in suitable climatic conditions. I love little detailing on the strap of this sandals, which is golden and cute to look at, and easy to wear.

Pink faux fur

Fur is being so much in demands nowadays including accessories, jwelleries, footwears and etc.
Obviously I am loving this pair because of fur and it’s quality. Especially if you are looking after for something beautiful and yet comfy and cute then this faux fur are just amazing.

So girls if you all are looking for any kind of sandals then just go to Myntra. Here you will get what you are desired to have in your wardrobes. They provide the best of their quality at such reasonable rates which is quite impressive.

Fashion Forecast 2018 – HER

Hi Readers!! Hope you had a great start of this new year 2018 !

In 2018 seems to be the Year of Modifications of the Past.

Here are few New/Old trends for Females that we think will rule 2018, Have a look & plan your wardrobe accordingly –

1. Plastic Shine :

Glitter, Sequins & velvet is going to be under spotlight this year. For their extra appealing a flamboyant twist to the outfits that compliments more and more to all styles and material, from princess dress to disco suits. For everyone and anyone who doesn’t want to be look like others to keep their independent style unique. Sequins might be the main highlights for every stylish outfits, not only in dresses but also in footwear’s.
Plastic sounds weird when it’s about wearing. It’s fantastic to prepare ourselves to look like celebs like Kim kardashian see through plastic shoes or accessories. Fashion experts have already predicted that 2018 will be the year it soars. Whether you follow their fashion or not plastics certainly have their perks. Let’s not forget her plastic high thigh boots she wore on shiny fall dress. Well this is not enough let’s have a look on her another kinky boots when she strutted out her home wearing silver stunners. These are definitely for the win.



2. Smartly Sheer :

sheer fabrics are essentials for every girl to own it simply for the versatility and grace it gives to our wardrobes And outfits. Sheer is the best option to carry this year. It’s lightweight and sensual appeal is attractive. It’s transparent look is soft and feminine providing more elegant revealing look.

In order to get elegance in this transparent fabric one must take care of ways it should be carry. Keeping some things in mind like layering it properly, never wear sheer all over the body, select correct accessories that it should not look funny.

Daily Front Row's 3rd Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards - After Partyjennifer-lopez-2nintchdbpict000294865280Kim-Kardashian-Sheer-Dress-Miami

3. Dark Drama :

Dark fashion this year will be rocking, and hit the ramp. Restyling the dark colours is new trends in 2018.
Making it more bold and elegant. The floral theme that was everywhere in 2017 will continue to be there in 2018 but its going to get darker & Bold.
Dark fashion including makeup will definitely hit the show. New year comes with a new set of trends. Dark red velvet, or dark sheer dress it all about revamping the wardrobes.



4. Fur and Feathers :

From previous to this year, fashion birds all have wind under their weathers. Feathers are becoming street friendly intact they look cool. Furry or feather dresses looks extra beautiful. We would totally love wearing furry clothing. And for those who still need a little time to get used to this fluffy material in their wardrobes. There are a lot of cute feather,on bags, shoes, accessories etc.


So do you agree with our speculations. Tell us in the comment section bellow.

Posting fashion forecast for men shortly stay tuned. Till then Good Bye & Be Fad. ❤


Hi Readers!! Hope you had a great start of this new year 2018

Here are some Fashion Forecast for men according to our analysis :

  • Go Big & Go Easy

    “It’s time for skinnies to fully disappear from wardrobes,” says Millie Rich
    “Track pants will become an essential,” says Brinksman.

    loose clothes now look smarter and more modern than the tighter ones. Designers love to utilise this trick again and again to create a stunning effect. Loose clothing these days are in demands. When we talk about loose fashion. None other than Kanye west can be the best to follow his fashion sense. Although getting anything near to his wardrobe is next to impossible. He likes to experiment making his style both perfect and adaptable to any situation. His loose or baggage clothing is inspiration for everyone.
    He is also been influencing the street style in fashion.


  • Metallic experiments

    From draped style to metallic kurtas, discover here for 2018 fashion to wear on different occasions. These kurtas are going to be super trendy this season in colour like silver, brass, copper, pale gold. Metallic fashion cover up not only the clothing section but it also being a new fashion source to footwear’s. Silver was huge on clothing and accessories, so it is no surprising that this year people will fall for silver shoes also. And we all know that no outfit is complete without slipping your feet into something that is cool and fashionable. When metallic is in the race of being stylish, footwear will definitely play major role making the the outfits more appealing.



  • Solid Colour

    you can never go wrong with white and this season white is again going to rock your look. Springs and summers are the best to go up high with white. Ranging from top to bottom white rules your outfit. When the temp will rise upto extreme, No one willing up to go in dark Colours, and in that case white will be the king



You can also check out 3 Easy tips for guys to get ready for any event.

3 Easy peasy lemon squeezy Party Tips for Guys

3 Easy peasy lemon squeezy tips to look Happening in any party

-> Key is to be Easy & Comfy

Tip No. 1 : Be Basic

Wear a Loose Basic TShirt or a Classic/Vintage Check Shirt with Ripped Jeans
Everything that looks easy and comfy – Attracts


Tip No. 2 : Canvas Connection

Wear any Regular Fit Blue Denim with a Fit Basic (Solid Colour) T-Shirt – I personally love plain white T-shirts
With Canvas Shoes & a Loose Denim/Leather Jacket – I prefer my Denim jackets though


Tip No. 3 : Outshine

Depending upon the party situation if its a dance party / Beach sort of situation

You can anytime wear a ripped … Super ripped denim with a Basic Tshirt , Have a vintage Shirt tide to your waist
& Metallic shoes – I have silver shoes so thats the one for me.


Hope it helped a bit !! Have a very happy & Fad New Year !! 


! Get Layered This Winter Season !
Here we share 3 Best ways to Get Perfect Winter Look, 
Check it out guys !


There is never a better time to upgrade your style than with the start of a New Season.
As we are heading towards winter, now is the time to think about what new pieces you want to add to your wardrobe.

Let’s consider these trends that have been blowing on runway to get some inspiration in order how to revamp your style.

1. Vintage Modern –

This bold check shirt defines a confident personality. Mens’s fashion has always been a topic to discuss about. Bold checks shirts are trendy all the time.
I have clubbed it with a Long Trench Coat from Blackberry’s & it is one of the most enduring items in Men’s Fashion. The lightweight nature of this coat makes it perfect while layering your clothing.

Most trench coats have a cotton mix fabric which keeps it breathable and fashionable. This black trench coat is one of my favourite from my winter wardrobe collection. Layering trench coat with bold black and white check shirt make my look a perfect one. The benefit of having a trench coat is that it can be carried other than winters because of its cotton mix fabric. So whenever you feel to change your look in summer you can carry it.


Shirt                 : Westside Stores
Jeans                : H&M
Trench Coat   : Blackberrys
Boots                :


Classic - Mod Denim Jackets-

Already men have limited options to showcase there Style & Fashion sense so A classic piece of Denim Jacket is must especially in this    winter season.
We have created two looks with different Colour Denim Jackets check  them bellow -

2. Badass Blue Denim (OOTD) –

For this look I clubbed a Over size Levi’s  Denim jacket with a Camo Colour Dual T-shirt from Nuon (Westside)
You can pick any denim jacket but a size bigger the usual More importantly denim should be rough & Rugged. further I added a blue jeans. Blue denim over dark tee in military colour makes your denim look a perfect one.
Again no matter it’s your choice of wearing footwear’s with denim. As you can see in picture I wore black boots to make it look little badass.


T-shirt    : Nuon (Westside)
Jeans       : H&M
Jacket      : Levi’s 
Boots       :

3. Urbane White Denim (OOTN) –

I love the colour White so this look is one of my all time favourite
I paired white Ruff Denim jacket that I got from with white Round Neck Quarter Sleeve Sweat Shirt from H&M Its stylish, easy & not too warm as I don’t feel that cold. You can pair it with your choice of tee but white looks best.
Denim jacket with ripped jeans is just a best to pair with. You can wear any white sneakers but here I preferred silver shoes making it a perfect OOTN also it looks unique in its own way.



Sweatshirt  :H&M
Jeans             : H&M
Jacket           :
Shoes            :
Bag                : Pull&Bear

Hope these look inspire you for this Winter - Do signup for   Email Notification for our blogs, Also share your winter looks  with us on our Instagram - @thewegoals 


Best Ways to Rock Kurta This Festive Season – Fashion (Men)

Mens kurtas have been a soul to Indian tradition. Earlier kurtas were only in the categories of ethnic wear or traditional purpose. But eventually there has been a great revolution in the fashion carried forward by men, because it always been a matter of issue that Womens have more clothing varieties than men. kurtas these days are easy to carry only if you have good fashion sense. 

Festive season brings lot of excitement of waring somethingng different  on the particular day, which men can flaunt without much of worries Indian festivals. Brings joy and prosperity for the families. This festive season we are introducing you some of the elegant ways to carry kurtas. 

Plain kurtas :

1. White Linen kurta

White always looks soothing and calm in any form of clothing. Especially when its about kurta in festival feels amazing. White linen kurta with whit chudidaar is a perfect attire with beard on face. Getting the right haircut and perfectly trimmed beard can give eccentric that you wanted to sport on that particular festival. The material used is long lasting and you will be adorned with endless complaints.

Nagre look cool with kurtas always.
Kurta Price : Rs.1200

Fabric : linen     

Brand : Linen Club.

2. Green Linen kurta 


Dark and bright colours defines perfectly any look. Here I am wearing dark and beautiful green colour linen kurta which looks amazing. Not to worry about the colour as it can be wear during day and night. Green kurta with simple white churidar pyjama simple Yet elegant. The whole outlook is perfect for a men to carry on any traditional occasion. 

Black leather sandals with the above attire is easy a match.
Kurta Price : Rs. 1500

Fabric : Linen 

Brand  : Linen Club

3. Grey cotton kurta 


The climatic conditions in india seem to have containued something goodthe weavers.not only for Somen but equally import cant to men fro men to get this best look On the festive day. Its October, Diwali is near but still there is nothing like winters in this very  Beginning of winters. Noons are hot as summers and nights are not enough cool to get th Winter feel.

Wearing this cotton kurta may be the choice for those who sweats a lot. This is Pure cotton, unique. Colour with its own way. Also pyjamas is common. Actually the reason I White Chudidaar got perfectly matched with any colour kurta. Its appropriate to make whole


Moccasins - Black velvet moccasins are best suitable with grey kurtaThese are so comfortable and classy. Fringes on the middle of them looks beautiful.
Price : Rs. 799

Fabric : cotton 

Brand : pantaloons [Indus route].

Two Ways to make Kurtas look more Urban & Cool! 

Let’s call these COORTA (COOL + KURTA) 

Basically its just a trial to modify kurtas into “COORTAS”. These coortas are simple and  Stylish. Being bored with same pattern of kurta pyjamas makes me stuck with this idea of giving them new trial for some unique look.

 Lets have a look on them one by one –


SOUNDS WEIRD… but actually outcome is really Dope.

Denim have always been a first choice to everyone. But with Indian attire, its a mix and match of western and Indian outfits . Short denim on kurta makes it cool. Its eye catchy. But mainly its all about sense of colour combination and the way you carry those outfits. Perfectly trimmed beard and a nice haircut add elegancy to the whole look. Just see the picture you may find an attractiveness which is completely justified this weird combination. Try these once, you will love this weird yet stylo combination.

Denim jacket : Levis


This little different and unique combination of grey and white is appropriate to suit anyone. Its is. meant for all the men who are willing to try out something different this time. When plain gets boring you can always experiments with different designs and ways. There are several ways you. An spruce up the kurtas. Koti is the most famous ones. Here we came up with the ideas of jacket on kurtas to make them cool hence named “COORTAS’.

Denim jacket : Adamo

Hope this Blog Inspires your Look this Diwali & Many more to come
**Wish you a very Happy Diwali**

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