Summer Hair Makeover

It’s amazing to see how much something as small as hair can impact your attitude, why are we so connected to something that grows as quickly as we cut it. Here I Am talking about hair, how badly you want lengthy hair. So since forever I have been stuck to one thing that I will never cut down my hair upto too short like shoulder or above that. I loved my hair like every girl does. Long hair are keys to set upto anyoutfit on any occasion, you don’t have to think twice bearing them, just open the braid and it’s done.

I have been always so obsessed with my hair, I did everything I can to make them long and healthy, after so many chemical uses on my hair like colouring, highlighting, rebounding I always keep one thing in mind that’s the length of hair. It should be upto waist. Whenever I went to salon I clearly instruct my hairdresser just to trim them half or one inch.
I have also tried so many remedies to keep my hair strong enough.
Oiling a night before wash, then applying a mixture of curd, blended oninon, honey, aloevera, lemon for min half an hour, then rinse them thoroughly with shampoo. This remedy really helped me out maintains the quality after chemical treatments. Onions are really good for hairfall, it’s like magic to all who are suffering from hairfall. I must recommend you all to use it once and you are going to love the result like I did. So in this manner I maintained my hair.

I couldn’t have ever imagine this short hair . From waist to shoulder length. It was only in my dreams that would never be true. But the day had come when I finally decided to change my look, want to be experimental this time. And you won’t believe I was happy till I sat down on the seat, as soon as the stylist cut my hair I really got pissed off, thinking I shouldn’t have come here. I just sat silently for the whole cut without speaking a single word. Even I got angry on my husband, because it really hurts when u saw your long hair falling down on the floor and you just can’t do anything.
After the cut, with blow dry and everything stylisht gave me final look and I even didn’t saw the mirror. I get up paid the bill and sat down in car to home.
But I don’t know what happen suddenly I started liking my short hair, I became so happy to see them, so finally I don’t regret about my short hair.

So women if you all looking for a change from long to short hair, just give it a try. I hope you all will not regret like I did.

Lets do Shanghai



It's not easy being in China unless you know Chinese, People in China be it young or Old ; No one No one at all understands any language other than Chinese.
All the signboards and everything is purely in Chinese, you will see no trace of english anywhere except the metro stations , There you will find name of places written in both - Chinese and English thus There is a strong need to prep before you actually go...

Start with Preparing your phone for Shanghai :

Before you head to Shanghai, You must have following apps on your phone, Also don’t forget to login to these apps while you are still in India to be on safer side

1) WE Chat
2) Turbo VPN App
3) Metro App
4) DiDi App
5) Offline Translator

In China many apps do not work/connect easily, e.g. Whatsapp, Instagram, Google maps, etc. 
Also if you take international plans with Indian Service providers especially Airtel; There are high chances that the Data (Internet) will not work too.

Without Internet its difficult (Not impossible) to be in China so you need to be prepared, You need to have access to everything that works offline.

In china almost no body from children to adults understands English at all, Not even a single word, Not even if you try to explain through hand gestures.

So best ting to do is to have an offline English to Chinese translator and Metro App

Prep yourself for Shanghai : 

We went to Shanghai in month of April and it was freezing cold maximum days so be all fancy but carry a few over coats along with yourself


Am saying over coats because that’s what almost overdone wears in shanghai, they all wear trench coats always to be safe.

Carry a Pollution mask to cover your nose, Weather is cold and people smoke a ton so there it is ; Need of a mask also there you might sense foul smell around I doubted Pork for it. 

Going Around in Shanghai :

Its best to go around places in a Metro because :

1. Its Fast
2. Its Cheap
3. Great Connectivity
4. Metro App & Stations have name of places written both in Chinese & English (Woop)

If you don’t have internet connectivity its only way to go around places as yo don’t have to explain to anyone where you want to go coz believe me even if you did they won’t understand where you want to go unless you show them text or speak in Chinese.

You may buy metro cards for number of days you are planning to stay in Shanghai, They have it for 1 Day, 3 Days which goes up to for a month maybe.

These are fix value unlimited Entry exit cards e.g. for 18 Yuan you get 24 Hour access to metro you can go anywhere N number of times ( Validity of 1 day card is for 24 Hours from the time you first punch in the card and not 12 am to 12 am)

Other options are –
Taxi (Min. Tariff is 12-16 Yuan) You need to have address written in Chinese to show to the driver, 

Bus ( only if you know route else you need to check list at bus stop which is fully in Chinese)

Places to visit in Shanghai :

If we can overcome the language barrier aside; Trip to Shanghai is be best one so far, I don’t believe myself saying it but this is a must visit city of all places i have been to so far.

~ The Bund - For the most magnificent view of skyline
~ YU Garden - It has nice shopping as well as food (If you eat non-veg & Pork)
~ Oriental Pearl TV Tower - ( Its the iconic tower seen from The Bund - You can go to the Top to check the whole city)
~ Science Museum Metro Station - Its a place to go for cheap shopping (Fake Stuff)

~ Jade Buddha Temple
~ Zhujiajiao ( Its a small water town like venice, Its a MUST go place)
~ DisneyLand


Places to find Veg. Indian Food :

We tried these 2 places :
1) Bollywood Indian Restaurant (Its nearer to Pudong Airport area)
2) Masala Art (Its near to Nanjing Road West Metro)

Food is better at Bollywood Indian Restaurant


We defiantly missed a lot of places that would have been worth being at so plan your days nicely do a lot of research before your plan your days in Shanghai.

We bet Shanghai would be one of the BEST places you will ever been to.

How I Met our AVEER

It feels like yesterday while i was constantly asking the lady at the reception outside the Operation Theatre – ” Please pooch kar bataiye ki operation start ho gaya hai ya nahi” and she kept casually telling me – ” Jaise hi start karege , andar se information aayegi” and all of sudden i heard Baby’s Cry and i got restless and raised my voice a bit and asked again ” 1 baar pooch to lijiye andar ” and extactly the a nurse came out of OT and told me ” Sab theek se hai Maa bhi aur baccha bhi, Badhai ho” and i trembled a little and couldnot say a word & my eyes were wide open thats all.

I didn’t even had energy to ask if Jyotsana is Ok or even if its a girl or a boy. It just steped back and half stood against the wall. It was too much information to process for me.

During that time my dad was in Indonesia for business which infact i was supposed to attend but i decided not to go for so my dad went to fill in for me
So it was me and my Maa at hospital and 2 close relatives

I shouted ‘Maa jaldi aao” and she came. She asked Is it a Boy or a Girl and i told her i couldnt ask. Just then Nurse Brought you to show us your glimps and said – “ladka hua hai” I went into tears and i wanted to cry so loud. I hugged my Maa and we both cried happy tears. You were so tiny and vurnarable, I still couldnt properly speak and was shaking a little inside and my Maa promtly asked “Jyotsana kaha hai, Kaisi hai” & Nurse told “Haan sab sahi hai chinta mat kariye” We just saw you for a few seconds before they took you inside for routine checkups.

And thats “How I Met our Aveer”

There are many stories from Mother’s Prospective but not many from Fathers’
Hoping my Story with be relatable to all the Fathers and I think it would be satisfying to read this.

Explore France in India : Pondicherry

Here we are back with a new experiences from Pondicherry

We are talking about Pondicherry. One most interesting thing about this places in India to visit. Its a perfect combination if The Experience and Tourism – There is a chill relaxed vibe whereas there a many places you wish to see as a tourist.  As soon as you step into Pondicherry you wonder if you are in Indian or france. So here is some history about Pondicherry that why this city has French twist.



History :
The story is about 2nd century when British were biting into India, then the French realised that they could even get part of us, so for making their way into India they managed to enter India through Pondicherry, the two kept fighting( British and French) and finally British gave this union territory to the French. Thus the architecture of Pondicherry is French.
Our stay in Pondicherry was short. But it was amazing experience.
An interesting thing was We stayed in Domus , beautiful colourful building having a cafe and apartment where we feel like home. Pondicherry is all about beaches, French architecture.

Pondicherry you get to experience French Cuisines and get to see French Architecture , Clean and not so crowdy beaches. Its an out of India experience within India.

Also this time instead of a Hotel we booked Airbnb because we needed extra space for baby and it was costing same as a hotel.


Beaches :
Promenade Beach/Rock Beach
Serenity Beach
Paradise island
Auroville Beach

Beaches in Pondicherry are all nearby , From Promenade to Auroville beach its a  20-30 min. distance via Scooty (Depending upon market traffic). If you are in Pondicherry then you can miss out any of these Beaches as all of these are unique in their own way.

The best area to stay in is “White Town” which is the main area that is all French and is closest to Promenade beach so you can easily be there during sun rise and sun set it has palm trees on side of road adding to the beauty of its.
Along promenade beach is famous Mahatma Gandhi Statue.

Serenity Beach is  a long beach with rock pathway that goes quite further into the sea. Sun set at serenity beach is most beautiful so make sure you are there just in time. also there are shacks on the beach side to chill and fill.

Paradise island is a adventure kind of place you take a ferry to there, there they have all the water sports and everything depending upon the weather. we didn’t go there as our kid was just 4 months old then, But its not a experience to miss out if you are into water sports. It will take your full day at paradise island.

Auroville beach is just a raw and simple beach quite off the road. its not at all crowded but very massive and raw. the waves and vibe is just so amazing.

Auroville : 

Auroville is a interesting little village near to Pondicherry (30 mins away) and is a must visit while you are in Pondicherry. Local produce of Auroville is main thing to enjoy, Almost all cafes use local produce of Auroville so everything you eat is just so fresh and interesting We might put up a food blog as well so wait to find out what to eat where.

Being in Auroville you must go to Matri Mandir & Svaram Musical Instruments & research centre, It has wide range of one of a wind instruments.

The ashram can be visited from 8 in the morning to 12 noon and 2 to 6 in the evening. It’s a ashram where people come to seek spiritual harmony and peace. The ashram is also responsible for founding the concept of peaceful coexistence in a town ship Auroville. Auroville township in Pondicherry is the direct product of the ideals and aims in the ashram.

Hope you all enjoyed our experience of Pondicherry..!!


Monkey’s Half birthday

We are glad to share some memories of our little bundle of joy, Aveer.
Now he is 6 months old. From pregnancy till date every moment with him has been very special From seeing him smile to laughing loudly, rolling to sitting each and every moment has been so special.


Its hard to believe that he is 6 months old so quick, we wanted to treasure each and every moment as a good memories with him so we celebrated his half birthday, It was a very sudden plan to have a small party with Family and few close friends.

Since it was a tuesday thus we had even less time to prepare so we went with little DIY decor – we did this little diy decor at home with white and blue paper. We made tussles and stick some blue Polkas on the main wall  to give it a blueish aura.


We also hung all the Poloroids of each month to mark his growth with small wooden clips and string , The decor turned out very beautiful. Since everything was planned last minute thus we planned cake very last minute but a Huge Thank you to Cherie sweet somethings for over-doing our expectations with cake.

It was the most and most beautiful cake we have ever seen !!! so nicly detailed and so delicious. It wouldnt be much to call her a Only Cake Designer of Kanpur !!!
It was best decision we ever made to get the cake from Cherie sweet something’s.

From Fun Monekys and their blush cheeks to Cute tiny bananas on the cake everything was so so so fine!!
We asked her to make monkey theme cake because we call Aveer – Monkey with love.


And cake was very delicious. White chocolate and Strawberries inside filling covered with white cream with those tiny banana’s especially that peeled off one, 3 little monkeys. Every single detailing of cake was describing the work of the cake designer. She did a great job & was appriciated by each of our guest.

Snacks in the party were all homemade , We didnt click pics though of food

So the party ended with cake cutting ceremony followed by tasty dinner. Aveer was so excited to see the balloons all around him. He was clapping with happiness and little confused what to do with so many balloons. This was very special day for both of us. As he got so many blessings from elders, friends, and followers of @thewegoals.

We are really thankful to all those who shower their blessings and love to my little Aveer.
Hope you all will always show love ..!!!

Happy Kid



Your GO-TO Wardrobe

Your Go-To Wardrobe

Hi Guys!!

It is always important to have a Go-To wardrobe for everyone as not everyday is a good day, Thus there should always be a few items in your wardrobe which you can you pick blindly without thinking if they are comfortable or will look good on you because you are 100% sure that they will.

So here am listing out essentials for a Man for his Go-To wardrobe 

  1. White Sneakers 
  2. Basic White/Black T-shirts
  3. Narrow fit Basic Blue/Black jeans (Preferably knee ripped) 
  4. A Blue light weight Denim Jacket ( Bit Over size will be better)

That is it !! Everyone must have all above items in his wardrobe for a rainy day, When he really doesn’t want to put in effort to get ready to go out he can always pick these clothes and these will never let him down ever.

~ White Sneakers practically go with anything & everything also they look pretty cool and fad too.

~ No one can ever go wrong with Basic T-shirts ever, thus you must always have more than 1 Black/White T-shirts in your wardrobe ( I probably have a bunch of them which I keep updating every now & then)

~ Have a comfortably fitting jeans is a blessing as not always you are in mood to wear something real tight or too loose, Thus always have comfortable demins of Basic Blue colour & Black as well also try to have more than one of Blacks as they tend to fade real soon so in case you find perfectly fitting black denim always buy 2 of them, It may look absurd in the moment but trust me you will thank me later.

Also if denim is knee ripped as per your length – Nothing could be better than that.

~ A Denim jacket is must i believe especially if you are average build person like me, I always try to carry mine with me it make me feel more comfortable, secure & Confident.


Here are few pics for the inspiration :

That is all guys. Hope it helps you.  Here a posting few photos as inspiration for basic looks, Also follow us on Instagram to stay connected on daily basis. 

Our Stay in Jodhpur

Planning a trip to jodhpur & really want to explore the city in budget.well check this blog before you book any hotel, we bet it will be of great help.

Location- Yogi’s Guest House

It was situated in the middle of the old town of jodhpur, Which is an 300 years old building & gives magnificent view of fort from the roof,
It was deep inside the town through narrow beautiful streets all painted with blue and orange with all antiques and wooden work on the buildings.

Rooms : we choose to stay in deluxe room which was beautiful, with paintings on wall, furniture giving vintage look. Room was huge enough to stay for three person.

Lawn area : In lawn area there was a red vintage car giving you complete feel of maharajah.
We were welcomed by the owner of guest house with whom we exchanged a few email priorly .

Restaurant : restaurant is at the roof top of the guest house. From there we can take a look on magnificent view of Mehrangarh fort.
Little heads up on the food here , well there not much for indians to eat but the location of guest house is so amazing that you can find great cafes nearby everywhere.

Rates- 1150 Per night for 2 People without Breakfast

Location- Balsamand lake palace

Property :  It is a huge and beautiful property full of nature beauty. Though it is outside the city but stay is worth here. We really loved the aura of whole palace, chirping of birds, rooms on the lake, peacock outside your window, trees all around, it’s just all beautiful beyond the imagination.
Property is owned by welcome heritage group. It’s really a high maintenance palace which is situated at the Balsamand lake. And when you want to relax pool is the best option there.

Staff Services : Apart from palace beauty we must tell you that staff was so welcoming at the reception, rooms services or at the restaurants. They were just so kind and humble. From reception to restaurant, the whole staff is so helpful and kind in nature, that you can ask for anything anytime they are always their to help with a smile on their faces.

Facilities :  there are so many facilities available there. AC rooms with backyard. Best room services. For fun part, there were horse riding, swimming pool, cycling and many more fun activities. We did the cycling and it was really amazing to ride cycle in such beautiful property with under amazing weather. We had been there in rainy season so it doubles our fun.

Centre of attraction : peacock fountain is the main attraction of the balasamnd property. It has so many peacocks dancing and running all around the fountain.

Food : Food at the restaurant was super delicious and it really feels good when the chef himself come to you ask for your requirements in the food. It was just amazing to stay there. We must recommend you all to visit this place at least if you ever planning to visit Jodhpur.
From breakfast to dinner it was so overwhelming every time the way they were serving us. From breakfast to dinner, each meal is super tempting there. They also have very good menu of desserts.

Rates- 5000 per night for 2 people with Breakfast

We must recommend you all to visit and stay this place if you ever been planning to be in Jodhpur. The stay is worth there. Peaceful and beautiful.

You can also check our Jodhpur Food & Travel blogs to plan your activities as well.

Summer Vibe – ft. The closet by Sonal

A outfit that suits me well and  which is really comfortable and beautiful. White off shoulder top with long navy blue skirt flaunting my look in more beautiful way.

I personally loved the bright colour of skirt that could be carried even in daylight. White off shoulder top with lilttle detailing is attractive and elegant. The way we carry the outfit more it looks good. I carried heavy earrings for revealing the attire.
The good thing about this outfit is both the top and skirt can be wore in mix and match way.


And skirt could also be wore with crop tops, tank tops, frill ones and etc. if we talk about the quality then the material is so smooth and soft that it is worth wearing in summers easily. Skirt has good flair to wear even in traditional way, with heavy jewellery as well. It is high waist as it has broad belt section which looks classy, and in trend these days.
The closet is full of Indian and western wear, with lots of accessories. I bought a pair of earrings, that are extremely beautiful. The best thing is these could be wear in western and Ethnic wear smartly. Instead of going separately for clothing and accessories, try “the closet” everything under one roof.
Skirt looks so decent in the picture as you can see in it. Closet has very stylish and sober collection. It also has trendy accessories icluding bracelets, earrings, neckpieces etc.Off shoulder top could be wear with black  jeans and high heels. .
Skirt looks so decent in the picture as you can see in it. Closet has very stylish and sober collection. It also has trendy accessories icluding bracelets, earrings, neckpieces etc.

This outfit I am wearing is from "The Closet" store. The store is full of stylish Indian and western clothes with perfect accessories. store also contains some good handicrafts work which is made by the owner herself.






Pregnancy demands so much, healthy food, proper exercise and most important hygiene.
Especially when you are exposed to public toilet, its really difficult for pregnant ones to maintain hygiene. But now no worries. “Be safe with pee safe” even using public toilets you can maintain a good hygiene. Spray a little, and be safe more.
Hygiene is the first priority to every human, especially for females.
When it comes to using public toilets, girls need more care, protection and prevention.
Nowadays UTI(urinary tract infection) is the most common in women’s due to unhygienic toilets

but now there is a permanent solution to this problem. Peesafe is toilet seat sanitizer provides 99% security against harmful germs and bacteria that stay on toilets seats after every use, especially the public toilets. Pee safe toilet sanitiser helps you overcome the fear of using public toilets anytime by sanitising and disinfecting the toilet seat and making it safe for use.

Spray it on the toilet seat and wait for 30-40 sec. then use it.



Gyms are yet another growing source of diseases causing germs. It’s a gym equipment sanitiser spray that kills 99.9% of the germs from the equipment. With many using the gym equipments for their dailyworkout , gym centres are the best to cause illness.

Germs spread through machines to hand easily and can cause disease easily. Machines act as sources of infections. So for all those who love to workout without getting illl , here is a beneficial product called as Gymsafe. It’s very easy to carry even in pockets. It’s very effective in seconds, just spray it on equipment before using and enjoy your daily workout.

Spray it on the gym equipments and wait for 30-40 sec. then use it.



Being pregnant is the most beautiful phase of life to every women. It comes
Up with excitements and nervousness as well. Pregnancy brings the facts of getting worry about the body and to style your body perfectly, because obviously you don’t want to look bigger when you are pregnant. So bearing the bump in 21st century signifies so much more than just pride in pregnancy. There are countless ways to keep in touch with your inner fashionista during your pregnancy term. Here are some inspirational looks on how you can balance the two perfectly and flaunt your baby bump as well.

1.Skinny high waist pencil skirt –

The high waisted skinny skirts look gorgeous on all body types. But when it comes to pregnancy, it’s a perfect for accentuating and complementing the baby bump. I personally loved it so much because of its high comfort zone. I wore it with my white turtle neck top tucking inside it and it really works giving a gorgeous look to my baby bump.

This military coloured pencil skirt is amazing and stylish to flaunt the pregnancy term. You should incorporate this trend into your pregnancy wardrobe. It’s quiet easy and stretchable to be carry for long period of time without any problem to your belly. Skinny skirts always looks classy.

2. Ankle length loose tunic –

Loose ankle length is again a new version to your pregnancy fashion. This dark military colour tunic is made of hosiery. It’s plain and yet so beautiful. It’s has something different which gives me a perfect night out look. Falling shoulders and little frill in the bottom is amazing. So these days these loose tunics are so much trendy in pregnancy. It’s a new and stylish way to flaunt your belly.


3. Sequence dress –

This is one of my favourite from my pregnancy wardrobe. It’s so damn beautiful. Colour is so soothing and perfect for day party. I really loved its v neck design. The most important thing I really like about this sequence dress is that it’s beautifully flaunting my baby bump and rocks my pregnancy look in baby shower. It’s quite comfortable and easy to stretch walk and enjoy the party.


4.Black maxi dress with jacket –

This black maxi dress is plain but elegant. Fabric is quite easy and soft to wear it in even these hot sunny days. To flaunt this little more I carry the emerald green jacket on it. And believe it really add glamorous pinch to my style. I considered it as a perfect styling way to flaunt your pregnancy bump without any hesitation of looking ugly or fatty with this body shape. It’s not only help you out to being stylish but also makes you confident in aspect to look smart and fashionable.

5. Flair suit –

Flair suit is the best to carry during pregnancy. It’s very comfortable and beautiful to flaunt the pregnancy look. I wore this on casual family dinner. It’s flair gives you so much ease to sit or to walk around. As we all know wearing tight fittings clothes in pregnancy are little uneasy especially when you are on the high time of pregnancy. Other than normal suits, this one is the moe preferred one. So if you are looking for something loose and yet beautiful then must go for these Flairy full length suits. Mine one is also having the waist coat, suit can be wear in two ways with or without waistcoat no matter it will still look stunning in both patterns. Colour is so soothing and eyecatchy , I love to wear it in summers.

So girls now don’t worry about the maternity period and fashion during this time. Even in pregnancy you can make your look better than normal days. Hope this blog helps and inspire you to look perfect even in any body shape while being pregnant.